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Few people realize the importance of a working garage door until it breaks down – garage doors are protection for you and your belongings. They house your car, your storage, and serve as an additional entrance to your home. For many they may feel like an afterthought, but they provide a great deal of security in a way that few other doors do.

At Gulliver Garage Doors, our goal is to help you with all of your garage door needs. We are available in San Jose, CA and specialize in any and all garage door related services.

What we do?

Garage doors have two functions that make them an important part of the home. First, they are designed to open and close for easy entrance, whether you house your car in your garage or, if you’re like most people, you use your garage for storage. It’s also designed for security, as garage doors are often connected directly to your home and a necessary part of protecting your belongings.

When your garage door breaks, you lose out on both – the function you need and the protection you want. What’s more, garage doors involve considerably more technology than standard doors, and it takes a knowledgeable hand to address their needs.

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Gulliver Garage Doors is your local source for garage door services. We specialize in garage door repair, with experts trained in the latest machinery. We are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and are fully equipped to handle any size project, large or small. Our mobile team can respond to any request, and we’d be happy to schedule an appointment for your less urgent door repair needs.

When your garage door has fallen off its tracks, is making too much noise, or is simply not working correctly, call Gulliver Garage Doors. We have extensive experience solving any and all garage door issues, and are happy to come to your home and address any of your repair needs. 

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Why choose us?

We have been all around the city and know what to do. Weather your gate is stuck open or won’t open at all, opening too fast or too slow, Gulliver Garage Doors Repair is equipped to give your gate the right kind of servicing to ensure we will not have to return anytime soon.

The problems with your gate may be quite simple. Your gate system might need a little tuning up. When we arrive at the scene, we will check the adjustment of garage door parts for sliding gates or the spring tension for overhead gates. We will ensure that your gate’s travel time is adjusted appropriately. We will verify that all safety devices are operating properly.

We have experience in every possible situation, issue and emergency you might call us for.

We repair and service garage doors for homeowners, gated residential communities, office buildings, high rise towers and more. Call us at (408) 317-1286 and we will quickly arrive to the scene of the problem to help you with your electric gate repairs in San Jose. Whether it be a sliding gate, rolling gate or overhead gate, we are here to fix the issue and get you going with your day.

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Our experts’ works with thousands of garage doors daily. We are reputed experts in broken spring, opener, or any other repair service. The Gulliver Garage Doors attends all the calls as we know that a malfunctioning garage door is an emergency situation.

Simply contact us to get the solution of your garage door problems.

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