Broken Spring Replacement

You may have just heard a “Snap!” You are not sure what it is. Later, you get into your car and hit the garage door opener button. You hear the garage door opener motor working but nothing is happening! This is the moment when you call us and we are there within 1 hour to install new spring and get you going about your day. That is why we are available 24/7-365. We are here to help at your time of need. Get in and get out, leaving you satisfied…always.

Welcome to the Gulliver Garage Doors! We are here to repair, replace or install your ailed garage door springs at a low price with high efficiency. Gulliver Garage Doors Repair is the team for you. Contact us if you are bound in a garage emergency, issue or situation and we will be there for you.

What we do?

After you have installed a new garage door with the spring, it is also vital that you take proper care of the springs so that you can use it for a considerable period of time and so that it does not suddenly snap, resulting in death or severe injuries for anybody close by at that point in time.

It is therefore very vital to ensure that these springs that have to bear the whole tension of your garage door are properly taking care of. Even though taking care of your garage door springs entails regular spring maintenance, when the need arises, it is more than just that. You will require a major understanding of your garage doors. Many accidents occur when replacing the springs of the garage door. Proper caution and care should be taken when carrying out the procedure.

Next you need to identify which springs are to be replaced. Torsion springs and extension springs are the 2 types of springs that might be in your garage. The springs are each designed to handle a certain number of opening/closing cycles before they need maintenance or fail completely. Torsion springs have a minimum of 10,000 – 40,000 cycles, about 5-15 years depending on frequency of use, weight of garage, paint coats and other variables. Improperly installed or loose components and tracks will shorten the life of a torsion springs. Appropriate evaluations and maintenance of your springs are imperative. Call us today at (408) 317-1286 and we will evaluate and effectively perform the job you need completed for utter safety and convenience.

Why choose us?

Each time you close and open your garage door its springs undergo one cycle. As a result it will impact its lifespan. You will find that garage door is malfunctioning due to the broken springs.

Our broken spring repairs and garage door opener are best. Our experts will be at your place just within 60 minutes.  Our experts have many years of experience and are trained.

Our Garage Door Repair emergency services are superior. We guarantee you that when we will replace the garage door opener you will enjoy its features for many more years.  Our experts will detect the problem and repair all type of models. They will repair all type of breakdown with the short period of time. Our technicians will work round the clock doesn’t matter what the problem is to get the garage door work again because we are the best repair service company in this field.

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Hence, if the old garage door is malfunctioning or has worn out get in touch with the Garage Door Repair San Jose, CA and talk to our experts. Our technicians are skilled and knowledgeable about all kinds of garage doors, making us best in town.

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