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Don’t let garage door opener problems keep you awake at night. Whether you need a simple adjustment, a repair, or a complete replacement of your garage door opener, don’t leave servicing this crucial piece of hardware to anyone but professionals. We’ll give you the best possible service, and ensure that you’re familiarized with your opener model.

Gulliver Garage Doors is a quality assured garage door repair service that provides customers with 1 hour response repairs. We are available for 24/7 at San Jose, CA and surrounding areas. Among many of our services, a common one we are called for is garage door opener repair.

What we do?

A garage door opener is used frequently and thus it can stop working any time. Nevertheless, provided that we are available, we will assist you and quickly make you free of all your opener issues.

We have a team of specialists who have the talents to fix any type of garage door opener issues. Our door opener technicians are highly trained to handle all issues related with garage door openers effectively and efficiently.

A few of the general faults with door openers include:

  • Opener not functioning appropriately
  • Opener is not working when it’s already in a working condition
  • Opener works only when the garage door opens, however it does not work when garage door closes
  • Opener works without command
  • Opener isn’t enabling the door to work smoothly
  • Opener isn’t functioning as normal during opening or closing of the door

When you find out an issue with your garage door openers, call one among our garage door technicians. We’ll take complete care of everything you want! We have experience in servicing, repairing and installing all types and brands of garage door openers.  We know SkyLink, Liftmaster, Genie, Craftsman, Sommer, Chamberlain, Linear and more. Contact us if you are in need of garage door opener repair in San Jose, CA.

Why choose us?

We are available 24/7 for your convenience. Day or night, we will be at the scene of the repair, service or installation within 1 hour. We have a team of garage door opener specialists waiting for your call. We have been servicing the San Jose, CA and surrounding areas for quite some time now and we are confident we can take on any problem you might be having. We provide top quality service for competitive prices, making us first choice of our customers.

We carry a wide variety of accessories and useful knick knacks for your garage and garage opener. A popular accessory is the ever so charming keychain garage door opener remote. Perfect as a backup or just for convenience sake. Another hot product is the protective exterior wireless keypad. Placed just outside of your garage, you set you code and enjoy.

Contact us today!

We have much to offer. Contact us now and ask us about accessories and useful tools you can purchase to enhance your garage experience. Contact Gulliver Garage Doors and let us help you today. Fill out the form to your right or call us at (408) 317-1286.

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